We all know that a good kilt can be a costly investment, so to ensure that you are getting the longest possible life out of your kilt here is a quick care tutorial to make them last! First and foremost, if you can follow the steps in this guide we recommend that you clean and take care for your garb personally as apposed to taking it to a dry cleaner.

#1- Never store your kilt unless it is 100% dry. When you take it off after a long day of caber tossing, lay it out opened up with lining face up until it is completely sweat and moisture free.

#2- Wool is anti-microbial and therefore does not typically require traditional washing methods, unless it starts to get pungent (if all other steps are followed this may never happen). If you are to get some substance or stain on your kilt then use a soft washcloth with room temperature water to moisten the stain area, apply a small amount of unscented bar soap to the rag and work it gently into the kilt until the stain is clean, then thoroughly rinse the rag, use the now clean washcloth and water to remove the soap from the kilt, repeat as necessary.

#3- When storing kilts many people hang them in a closet, this is a good method to keep the pleats proper but doesn’t protect the kilt from dust (or worse, Moths). We recommend rolling the kilt and storing it in a cedar chest (moths don’t like cedar). If this is not possible a tightly sealed plastic container would serve the same purpose.

#4- If your leather straps start to feel dry, try using a rag to apply a little bit of mink oil them to make them supple again.

With these steps your kilt should last you a very long time and remain beautiful!