Texas Renaissance Festival 2016

Soo excited for October to begin since it’s around this time each year when we can finally allow ourselves to get SUPER excited for the upcoming Texas Renaissance Festival!

It’s less than a week away everybody, and I hope you’re as hyped about it as we are! We’ve only been attending the past eleven years, no big deal.

Scot Shoppe at TRF back in 2006!
Scot Shoppe at Texas RenFaire back in 2006!

Since this is one of the largest and most beloved renaissance festivals in the country (seriously, it was even voted number one in USA Today’s Best Cultural Festivals), we just have to be there 🙂

In T-7 days, the festival will officially open its Royal Gates, once again, and we can all enjoy a magical season filled with eight ingeniously-themed, fun-filled weekends! 😀

Although each themed weekend is spectacular, we are especially excited for themed weekend number seven, the Highland Fling weekend! Obviously. So mark your calendars for that one, we know we will.

Image courtesy of Texas Renaissance Festival site.
Image courtesy of Texas Renaissance Festival.

A little bit of history..

George Coulam is the founder of the Texas Renaissance Festival, and it was his vision and creativity that brought this magical place into existence.<3

This wonderful time of the year all started back in 1974 when the Texas RenFaire was launched on 15 acres of land from an old strip mining site, just 50 miles northwest of Houston, Texas. This was after Coulams’ previous unsuccessful attempts in places like Utah and Minnesota. (Thank you Texas!)

Inspired by the likes of Walt Disney himself, Coulam was determined to create a magical place where people could let loose and be themselves, as if it were more than 5 centuries earlier. 🙂 From this idea Coulam was determined to recreate a 16th century English township, and over time his vision came to fruition!

Today, the Texas Renaissance Festivals greets more than half a million guests annually and covers about 55 acres of land overall in Todd Mission, Texas. More than 400 shops and vendors station themselves in the New Market Village, as guests seek to escape reality and enter a place where Kings and Queens, Lords and Ladies, knights, nobles, musicians, artisans and merchants are the norm!

It’s really such a blast. Plus, we will be among the shops there featuring our exquisite tartan kilts for our fellow Scottish lads! 🙂

Hope to see you there!