Tulsa Mechanics Keep Cool In Kilts



We’ve always known that a good kilt is a great way to incorporate comfort and mobility into your everyday apparel. Now others are starting to realize the myriad benefits and sense of freedom that come from donning a top-notch quality kilt from Kommando Kilts!

Before Kommando Kilts, when temperatures began to climb in the spring and summer months, the mechanics over at O’Brien Auto Performance (link) in Tulsa, Oklahoma, really started sweating it…literally! With no air conditioning in the facility, wearing long pants was just plain uncomfortable. Wearing heavy, constricting apparel like that takes a greater physical toll on the mechanics working out in the heat all day every day.

With the help of Kommando Kilts, David O’Brien, owner of O’Brien Auto Performance, decided to beat the heat once and for all! Four years ago, David traded in his long pants for one of our Scottish kilts along with another of the shop’s mechanics, David Denny, (AKA Dinkum).

From May to October, these two dress to match the Scottish music playing in the shop. “This is physically cooler than shorts,” O’Brien said. And as long as they follow some simple kilt ground rules of etiquette, the mechanics are happy and free to move about a little easier during the sweltering summer months! This Tulsa business is run by discerning Celts, and you can get your very own Kommando Kilt online! Or check out our events (link) schedule and come see us at a festival near you! Come say hi, try on a kilt, or browse some other beautiful handmade footwear and other Scottish accessories!